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And you can find my books on at the SHOP link on the homepage and also on AMAZON. Contacting me by email is best: 1979semifinalist@gmail.com

WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN: Please check out the WORK page.

YOU WANT TO HIRE ME: Send me or my manager an email

YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ME: Send me or my manager an email

YOU WANT TO SEND ME FAN MAIL: Send me an email, or use the Tumblr ask box

YOU WANT ME TO COME TO A CON: My schedule is tricky (and this will require that I put on pants) but send me an email

YOU WANT TO INTERVIEW ME: Probably I would love to, send me an email

YOU WANT ME TO READ YOUR SCRIPT: Probably that’s a no, as legally it can create problems

YOU WANT TO PITCH ME SOMETHING: Unfortunately I’m not a publisher, I probably can’t help you, also see above regarding legal issues

YOU WANT TO YELL OBSCENITIES AND BE AN ASSHOLE IN GENERAL: You CAN email me, but once I have that email you don’t know what I’m gonna do with it, so hit send with caution, my friend.

YOU WANT ADVICE ABOUT HOW TO WRITE/PUBLISH COMICS: I actually wrote some pieces about that very thing right here. Four Parts: One, Two, Three, and Four.

YOU WANT ADVICE ON HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: I actually wrote some pieces about that very thing too! Here, Here, and Here.

YOU HEARD THAT THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE: Yes, so did I! Just kidding. Yes, there was a deal for it to become a movie. Then there was a deal for it to be a TV show. Now we’re back to a movie again. Who knows what might happen next. I’ll definitely let you guys know more when I know more that I can say.

YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT WHEN I WAS A JOURNALIST: Well, I was never a journalist. I created the op-ed column SHE HAS NO HEAD! for CBR and wrote it for about 6 years. It became rather popular. I also wrote reviews for CBR, wrote columns for LIT REACTOR, reviews for PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, and created a comics podcast called 3 CHICKS REVIEW COMICS.

WHAT HAVE I WRITTEN: Again, check out the WORK link on the homepage.